Escape From The Tourist Hot Spots: How Do I Find Non Touristy Places?

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      How do I find non touristy places?

      As a seasoned traveler, I understand the frustration of visiting a new place only to find it overrun with tourists. While popular tourist attractions can be fun, they often lack the authenticity and charm of lesser-known, non-touristy places. So, how do you find these hidden gems? Here are some tips:

      1. Do your research

      Before you travel, do some research on the destination you’re visiting. Look beyond the popular tourist attractions and try to find local blogs, forums, and social media accounts that offer insider tips on the best non-touristy places to visit. You can also check out travel guidebooks that focus on off-the-beaten-path destinations.

      2. Talk to locals

      One of the best ways to find non-touristy places is to talk to locals. Strike up a conversation with your hotel concierge, a bartender, or a shopkeeper and ask them for recommendations on places to visit that are off the beaten path. Locals often know the best hidden gems that tourists don’t.

      3. Get off the beaten path

      If you want to find non-touristy places, you need to be willing to get off the beaten path. This means exploring neighborhoods that are not typically frequented by tourists, taking public transportation instead of taxis, and walking instead of taking tours. By doing so, you’ll discover places that most tourists never see.

      4. Visit during the off-season

      If you’re able to travel during the off-season, you’ll have a better chance of finding non-touristy places. During peak tourist season, popular attractions are often overcrowded, but during the off-season, you’ll have more space to explore and discover hidden gems.

      5. Attend local events

      Attending local events is a great way to experience a destination like a local and discover non-touristy places. Check out local festivals, concerts, and markets to get a taste of the local culture and discover hidden gems that tourists don’t typically visit.

      In conclusion, finding non-touristy places requires a bit of effort and research, but the rewards are well worth it. By exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations, talking to locals, and attending local events, you’ll discover hidden gems that most tourists never see. So, next time you travel, be sure to step outside your comfort zone and explore the non-touristy side of your destination.

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